The Internet`s 1776 Has Begun. Are You Ready?

I hate that I`ve been right on most of my past predictions about where we were going as a country and how neo-fascists would soon take part in the mass censorship of American citizens. I take great risks today posting this, but I`m a true American and I`m prepared for what`s next. Not only do all of us at Peeps stand with President Donald J. Trump, but we also stand with all of you who travelled to Washington D.C. to protest what our government has become. Your eyes are not lying to you, nor are your ears. This government is not being ran by people who care about us. And for all of the Democrats who believe that the politicians on their side of the isle will bring them freedom, I want to tell you that they never have, and they never will. These same Democrats are under a type of hypnosis that brings them to vote for those who have always made empty promises to them — it`s almost like these voters have forgotten all their past lies. I believe they have. This sort of delusional thinking has been born through the poisoning of our educational institutions in combination with campaigns of misinformation and censorship that are constantly carried out by our country`s media establishment.

Regardless of what your opinion is surrounding this election, our government cannot be fixed via a physical revolution. Our government is far too powerful, and those who attempt a physical uprising against it will certainly find themselves in a prison cell accused of inciting an insurrection — and take it from me, they won`t like it. Thanks to the events of January 6th, a Democrat House and Senate will undoubtedly pass legislation deeming most conservative activity as pure terrorism and this will be used as justification to surveil us in ways most people are simply unable to comprehend. Soon, people will even welcome it. They are coming for our ability to speak our minds, defend ourselves and yes — our right to freely practice our faith. I get it, it`s terrible, but this is what happens when there is one-party rule, especially when that party is full of leftists, socialists, and communists. So how do we save our families from this socialist takeover of America? We must never surrender, but more importantly — we must fight back ethically and create our own avenues of freedom. I`m a firm believer that freedom will never be provided via legislation, but I do believe that it can be created and protected through innovation.

The dWeb, while still in its infancy, gives us a place where we can pave the way for a digital revolution. By digital revolution, I don`t mean the destruction of the US government, in fact, that would be unpatriotic, nor is the dWeb capable of such a thing. What I mean by a digital revolution is using the dWeb to build alternatives to the centralized web`s online marketplaces, retailers, telecommunication systems, social networks, search engines and others. Our continual usage of these systems ends up funding companies who ultimately want to destroy America. When 74 million of us stop funding these online avenues, they will lose the resources they need to invest so heavily in the destruction of our God-given liberties, and the country that all of us love unabashedly. It pains me to say this, but at least 74 million of us are funding the destruction of America, without truly realizing it, although much of this can be blamed on our inability to live life in 2021 without these solutions, to which there are no alternatives. Especially alternatives with an “American First” agenda.

For those of you who have no idea what the dWeb is, briefly, the dWeb is a truly decentralized alternative to the World Wide Web, where there are no central servers or hosting companies, rather, all data is hosted between peers, similar to how a torrent network works, but far more complex in its inner workings. One major difference is the elected governance who protects the dWeb from criminal content and activity, as well as the protections put in place that ultimately force applications to place their user`s in control of their data and authentication credentials. From domains and currencies to network addresses and governance, the dWeb, and everything built on top of it, is decentralized from end-to-end, where no entity, government or otherwise, can seize control of or silence any voice or component of the network. As Constitutional conservatives, it gives us a foundational framework to build alternatives to the Facebooks and Amazons of the world — ones that cannot be silenced and can ultimately be trusted by their users, since the entire dWeb is open-source by its very nature and controlled by its users. But these advantages benefit more than just its users, they effectively give developers a clear path to compete with the Internet`s largest companies, in ways that are simply not possible on the World Wide Web.

It starts with the fact that the dWeb requires zero infrastructure costs, where apps can operate on a purely peer-to-peer basis. This isn`t the just case for browser-based dWeb apps either, in fact, the dWeb is being used to build desktop and mobile applications where the same zero infrastructure standard applies. If one wanted to build a Google alternative on the centralized web, not only would it be at risk of being seized or taken offline (centralized domain and servers), but the alternative would never be able to compete with Google, since Google will always pay less for its underlying infrastructure, whereas the alternative is paying more and is probably even buying their servers and other infrastructure from Google themselves! While the monopolistic-like control big tech has over the Internet is outrageous, it`s not the only issue apps face when trying to compete with big tech. Consider the fact that if one were trying to compete with Facebook or Google on the centralized web, they`d be forced into adopting the model of selling user data or accumulating user data for the purpose of increasing the accuracy of advertising programs and other digital marketing efforts as it applies to the overall monetization of their platforms. I realize there are apps out there that sell a service, or even digital products, which is great, but even then, they`re still dealing with massive amounts of infrastructure overhead.

At Peeps, we have been hard at work building many of these alternatives, but we cannot do it alone. There is a reason we`ve set out on this journey: it`s simply the only realistic way forward. So many developers seem to be dead set on developing for the centralized web because it`s where they`re comfortable. But I have to say, the process surrounding the development of dWeb-based applications is remarkably similar and uses the same languages and frameworks. For instance, just as frameworks like React.JS and languages like JavaScript can be used to build modern-day web applications, they can also be used to build dWeb-based applications, considering that all dWeb`s official protocol implementations are Node.JS modules. We`re also actively developing Swift and Java implementations for iOS and Android projects, although I`m sure other developers will also be doing the same in the coming months. My point is, there are no excuses, and considering that the dWeb is entirely open source, anyone can lend a hand in helping write these implementations.

Mark my words — if you are planning on developing alternatives on the centralized web, as I have long predicted (, you will be completely removed from the web. New legislation will soon force Platforms like Parler and Gab to censor their users, or face the consequences, and I promise, there is nothing we can do about it. We simply must begin the process of developing decentralized autonomous applications that cannot censor their users, on a web that cannot be controlled by outside forces. It`s our only way forward, although many in the conservative media as well as other familiar voices, will betray Americans in the coming months by becoming more obedient to the left`s new online culture war and will inevitably deny this. Sadly, the allure of money and the threat of losing sponsors like LifeLock and Norton can make life difficult, and I`m quite sure this, in and of itself, will create desire for a web where LifeLock and Norton`s products are useless and thus no longer needed.

Many of the thought leaders on the right simply aren`t tech savvy, like their counterparts on the left, and truly don`t understand what is happening. It has always been our weakness, but if we are to survive it must become one of our main strengths. I cringe when I hear them speak of Parler as the future, especially in its current state. Has anyone noticed their massive security holes (why the President hasn`t signed up)? How will they afford all their infrastructure costs, donations? Come on guys, we must be smarter than that. At Peeps, we appreciate the efforts of Parler`s developers and in truth, we`d love to help them redesign Parler for the dWeb (after all, we have a Parler page!). But we must be realistic if we stand a chance against the left. When it comes to computer science and the Internet at-large, they have us beat by a country mile. It`s ok, but we have to do something about it, and we have to fight back — but we have to do it right this time.

So, what if they attack us legally? Most of you probably didn`t know that Peeps is a non-profit that is an arm of a Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. You probably didn`t known that the dWeb was one of our first global mission projects either. A church re-imagined the web? Welcome to 2021. Nevertheless, I believe we must first make clear why we`re doing what we`re doing and must shed the “white supremacist” and “terrorist” tags that been unfairly placed on most of us over the last few years. This isn`t about left or right. This isn`t about politics either. This is about our God-given rights being trampled on and it`s what brought us to start mission projects like the dWeb in the first place. It`s one effective way we can provide shelter for our First Amendment rights — and let me tell you, there is no better protector of those rights that God Almighty Himself. It will be Christians who RISE to save this nation and I passionately believe that. They can trample on whatever they like, but they will never trample on God`s House. I guess you could say God`s House has now entered the 21st century — :).

This will not be an easy fight nor will Rome be built overnight, but this is something we must do. To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I leave you with one of my favorite parts of the Bible. Remember, God never wanted use to fight flesh and blood, instead he simply wanted us to put on the “Whole armor of God” to wrestle against entities like big tech and the others who have clearly become the darkness of this age, so that we may be able to withstand their tyranny in the evil day. That armor`s our last bastion of freedom and will protect us in what has become the greatest fight of our generation. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

-Ephesians 6:10–13

Hold the line patriots and fight on! In the words of Paul, Peace to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

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— Jared Rice Sr.

Peeps Co-Founder & Inventor Of The dweb

Arisen Church Council Member




The creators of the #dweb and the world’s first decentralized and censorship-resistant social network. We’re about to #DecentralizeEverything.

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The creators of the #dweb and the world’s first decentralized and censorship-resistant social network. We’re about to #DecentralizeEverything.

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