Prepare For A Digital Revolution

As the days go on, we all remain hopeful for a Trump victory, but we must be prepared for what may happen, regardless of the outcome of this election. At Peeps, we`re hard at work on expanding the dWeb`s protocol suite, creating easy-to-understand developer documentation and releasing of some of the dWeb`s first apps and websites. We have worked extremely hard on the necessary developer tools to make the transition to the dWeb, for businesses and developers alike, as easy as possible. It will need to be that way, considering there is a massive web blackout ahead for people like you and me.

It`s important that we don`t lose sight of that reality. On Rush Limbaugh`s show this past Friday, a Trump voter called into the show in tears, professing his love for Trump, America and freedom, as well as his fear of what is ahead for America post-election. This caller was transformed into a “Jonestown” -like cult member, as well as a “Trump” cult member, by ex-FBI and ex-CIA members on news networks like MSNBS and others. They warned that people like this were dangerous, because of his willingness to “die for Trump,” clearly forgetting about patriots like Patrick Henry or how this country was formed in the first place.

The bottom line is that if you`re a patriot who is willing to give your life for American freedom, or one who simply wants to profess your love for this great country, you`re now much more than just a racist — you`re a terrorist. That`s right. I knew this was the slippery slope that we we`re headed down and it`s why we began work on this massive project years ago. I knew that this day would eventually come and it was common sense that it would boil over to the web. The only way that they accomplish what they`re attempting, is by controlling the narrative. If you believe that a Biden administration will keep their hands off media outlets like Breitbart and NewsMax, as well as conservative radio shows like Glenn Beck`s or El Rushbo`s — it`s time to wake up. That`s where the alternative to the state-run media narrative exists, and we must protect it.

Aside from people like Wordpress and others joining the censorship game, believe me, there are more waiting in the silos. We can`t wait on them to remove our websites because of our views, nor can we forget the other incoming threat: the elimination of small businesses. I have watched major corporations team together over the past few weeks in an effort to push Biden into office, and it`s clear that they`re tired of the “small-business first” approach of President Trump. I believe there will be a strategic attack on small businesses and it will start with merchant payment processors, web hosting companies and other online service providers, all of which will make it nearly impossible to compete with companies like Google and Amazon. Don`t believe me? Well, maybe you missed the fact that Google is now in the banking business. Google wants to help small businesses accept payments on their websites as well. “Google loves your small business more than Amazon,” said no Google executive, ever.

But Jared, small businesses make up a large part of Google`s ad revenue on their AdWords platform. You`re right, but I didn`t say they wanted to destroy small businesses. Hell, they already control them anyway. If you`re selling products on Amazon, how much of your sales revenue are you giving to Amazon? Ok, you`re selling products and/or services via your own ecommerce site, how much of your revenue is going to Google and Facebook for advertising? Oh, only 35%? So Google and Facebook own 35% of your company? Actually, they own much more than that. How much are you paying to Google and Amazon for infrastructure? Oh, another 5%? More importantly, don`t forget that Google and PayPal are taking a 3.5% transaction fee for payments. And to make matters worse, if your store refuses to openly profess your love to the Black Lives Matter movement, they can shut off your advertising, your payments and yes, even your servers.

Yes, I know, you could just move to one of several hosting providers who would be willing to host your store, but what about payments and advertising? Ok, you can accept Bitcoin and advertise on NewsMax. But what happens when NewsMax has their servers or services halted by big tech? Sure, they could move to one of those patriotic hosting providers, but what happens when Biden`s FCC and this country`s many ISPs began fining and attacking those providers? They don`t have small businesses, but they own nearly half of the revenue that derives from them. And they hate those who help fund conservative media outlets like NewsMax (i.e. Balance of Nature) and those who serve a certain customer base. Will your businesses join with BLM or will you claim your American right to be who you want to be and take back what you sold to Google years ago?

With the dWeb, your store doesn`t have to be hosted by Google or Amazon because it`s hosted by those who love your products — it`s hosted by those who view your website and it costs you nothing, no matter how big your site becomes. Payments are made possible by a multitude of popular decentralized payment networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or whichever you choose to integrate, and there`s simply no way to shut down your business. I can hear you though: “Jared, where do we advertise? Nobody is on the dWeb just yet.” You`re right, but nobody was on the Internet in 1994 either — but we brought them there as a collective.

We have continued to move our businesses to the Internet over the past 20 years, because of revenue increases and other advantages. But we didn`t shut down our brick and mortar presence, we simply expanded our horizons. I`m not telling you to shutdown your websites on the centralized web, I`m telling you to expand your horizons to include the dWeb. I`m telling you to launch a presence on the dWeb and begin moving your customers to a place where you don`t have to share half of your revenue with Google and Amazon. It`s clear that the more and more businesses, media outlets and others who make that move, the easier it will be to advertise on the dWeb, rather than doing so via outside sources.

Many are already developing projects on the dWeb, similar to those we`re developing at Peeps. Projects like dSocial and dSearch will not only bring to life the dWeb`s first social network and search engine, but will help many use the dWeb and expand its reach around the world as well. Your websites being moved to the dWeb will add to that effort. We have many new tools launching over the next few weeks — such as decentralized domain names, domain management systems and more — to go along with tools like dBrowser and dDrive, which we formally released over the past few days. Moving to a new web and expanding one is no easy task, but it`s something we`re going to have to do. The Internet was never designed to prevent a hostile takeover by its largest companies, nor was it designed for the people to control its major movements. The dWeb is the antithesis of the Internet. It can never be overtaken by anyone and the people of the dWeb are always in control. The bottom line is that the dWeb is something we can build upon, in fact, it`s something we must build upon.

We`re clearly at war, and we find ourselves in the midst of a revolution. The dWeb is at the center of that revolution, giving us a place where we can publish our conservative and patriotic ideas, without any interference whatsoever. A place where our American-made ideas can propagate around the planet. And a place where patriotism, freedom and our great American spirit can live on, regardless of whether the opposition wants it to or not. We need you, just like you need us. We must fight back or we will certainly never have a chance to fight back in the future. The left has its claws around our freedoms and most important, our voices. We The People must not stand idly while those freedoms are take from us. We must fight back ethically, and the dWeb is one of the ways in which we can fight back.

How can you join the revolution?

You can join the digital revolution by downloading dBrowser at which will help expand the dWeb`s network across the United States and abroad. If you`re a developer, you can learn about building dWeb-based applications at,, and There are many more that we will be releasing in the coming days. Or, if you simply want to help support development, you can do so at or by joining our Patriot`s Club or by donating via our donation portal.

It is people like you who have made dWeb`s development possible the last few years. We will never stop fighting for you and I can assure you that the fight is just beginning. A major thank you to each and every one of you who continue to press forward for online freedom. We`re right there with you.

-Jared Rice Sr.
Inventor of the dWeb
Co-Founder of Peeps

The creators of the #dweb and the world’s first decentralized and censorship-resistant social network. We’re about to #DecentralizeEverything.