Our Statement Regarding The Solar Winds Hack

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The Solar Winds hack is a deep state strategy we have predicted for some time. They have labeled this hack a “modern-day Pearl Harbor” and it will certainly bring with it new, liberty-killing initiatives, just like the 9/11 attacks brought us the PATRIOT Act. This has the deep state`s stench all over it. Remember, their only way to take our rights is for them to use the fear of “terrorism” and well, here we go again.

In a post a few days before this hack, we warned that ARIN and ICANN would be armed with the ability to adjust their policies, that would essentially give web hosting companies and domain registrars the powers necessary to control content and traffic on the Internet, far exceeding their current abilities. That is now about to become a reality, much faster than we had anticipated.

This is a major reason we began work on the dWeb years ago, because it was a given that this is where they were headed. Our team will now be targeted by the deep state once more, but this time, our work as well as the dWeb will live on forever. It is our patriotic duty to fight for freedom, regardless of our own. We`re in this fight 100% — and it`s a personal fight for many of us.

They removed several of us from the battlefield years ago, knowing that there weren`t many willing to risk their own freedom in order to spearhead a counter counter-revolution to their counter-revolution. Regardless, even with some of our brains locked away inside the belly of the best, our abilities have never been so strong. We`ve never had such momentum. We`ve never been so motivated. We`ve never been so determined. We`ve never been so focused.

This fight must now move beyond just the dWeb. For the past years, we have been secretly working on launching our own Internet and communication protocols for this very battle, protocols that are far beyond their ability to control.

Lastly, President Trump is an ally to patriots everywhere and it has become clear since they blamed this attack on him, that the fight for our country and our freedoms is on. Turn off Facebook, turn off legacy media and focus on that fight. They`re right that this is another Pearl Harbor-level attack, but Russia isn`t the initiator. It is the deep state and those within this country who are involved in the destruction of Lady Liberty that we`re fighting.

From the attacks on our freedom to the hijacking of our election, the opposition is dead set on the “Great Reset.”

Now it`s our turn to fight back. We will be releasing a plan, as well as a large marketing campaign across conservative mediums over the days that follow. So please stay tuned!

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— dWeb`s Development Team