Brave New World

The group of individuals responsible for bringing us the Firefox web browser, have recently integrated the IPFS protocol with another web browser of their making, known as Brave. According to a recent press release, the group has made these changes to the Brave web browser to restore freedom, openness, and liberty to the web. At first glance, these types of changes by the power players in big tech seem like a move in the right direction. After all, freedom, openness, and liberty are good things, especially when they apply to the web. But if you look more closely at the landscape of technology, specifically, the types of course corrections we`ve seen in the past from big tech in response to changes in the marketplace, you`ll notice that what appears on the surface to be a rallying of conservative idealists, is really just a group of individuals taking advantage of a ripe situation, and one in which everything we`re seeing is entirely predictable.

In response to new technologies and platforms like Bitcoin, which was and is a first of its kind decentralized cryptocurrency, whose meteoric rise in popularity and value show no signs of slowing down, you`ll see that big tech has a track record of copying novel, open-source ideas and claiming them as their own, all to exert control. For instance, due to Bitcoin`s enormous and growing popularity, companies like Facebook have been working on bringing their own cryptocurrencies to market (e.g., Libra). Even the U.S. Government has announced their plans to launch their own cryptocurrency via the federal reserve banking system. And don`t forget companies like PayPal, that are now accepting and processing payments in the form of cryptocurrency, and Wal-Mart, that has plans of allowing customers to exchange cryptocurrency for cash within their stores.

We also must consider the open-source community`s response to the censorship of conservatives, especially within the past year, orchestrated by the left and their cronies in big tech. And what does Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, have to say about the role his social network has played in the censoring of virtually every pro-American viewpoint online, including the cancelling of former President Donald J. Trump`s Twitter account? Mr. Dorsey, with a straight face, suggests that he wants to make the move to more decentralized platforms — as he openly pontificates whether Twitter has been too aggressive in its censoring of conservatives.

Are there any of us gullible enough to buy this nonsense? Are we so ignorant that we think that companies like Wal-Mart, whose leadership proclaimed they would terminate any employee who voted for Trump, would somehow see the folly of their ways and adopt a fairer and more open stance towards conservatives? Are we so short-sighted that we think companies like Facebook and Google, both of which have a consistent and reliable history of going out of their way to censor and silence conservatives into oblivion, are going to magically support liberty in any meaningful way? Are we dumb enough to think that Jack Dorsey, who has done everything in his power to scrub conservative viewpoints from the Internet, has had a genuine change of heart and is going to treat both sides of the aisle fairly and equally? Are we delusional? Are we drinking leftist Kool-Aid? Have we somehow forgotten how these platforms are in cahoots with virtually every single radical politician in Washington D.C., and will do anything and everything to stay in power? Which, I might point out, includes creating new platforms that claim to be decentralized and censorship-resistant, to lure conservatives to social networks that they, the left, ultimately control. What do you think these platforms will do when it matters most, when, in droves, conservatives begin flocking to these new social networks in anticipation of the next election cycle? They will do what they do best: censor, silence and cancel conservative viewpoints.

We`re not gullible enough to think that the individuals responsible for bringing us the Firefox web browser, and their IPFS-integrated web browser Brave, are going to be a solution to the issues faced by conservatives on the web. Consider also that even if conservatives start using Brave now, and in the near-term it appears to abate some of the issues we`ve described, how are Brave`s terms of service and policies going to change when it comes time for the 2022 and 2024 elections? And how are they going to enforce their terms of service and policies? Have we seen Brave`s ratified Constitution? Do they have a governance elected by the community? What are the founders of Brave going to do when they`re being pressured from the likes of Jack Dorsey, Nancy Pelosi, and Mr. Biden`s Department of Justice? What are the founders of Brave going to do when a Chinese company offers them $250 million for their web browser? Well, I`ll tell you what they`re going to do: they will cave and kneel to the leftists in Washington D.C., or they will sell to the highest bidder in China, either option ending the hopes of so many conservatives that thought applications like Brave were going to be a workable, long-term solution.

We cannot allow big tech to trick us into thinking they recognize the enormity of their transgressions against conservatives. We cannot allow ourselves to flock to their half-baked alternatives under the illusion that they`re welcoming us back with open arms. Leftists have an unbreakable bond with big tech, and that includes the groups of individuals responsible for bringing us so-called alternatives like Brave. And the only reason that these individuals and organizations are mounting what, from our side things looks like a reasonable and rational response, is because we have hurt them where it hurts most: in their bank accounts and in the prices of their stocks. We have made a dent in their armor, we have found a chink, but we can`t stop fighting now. We can`t rest on our laurels and start flocking back to big tech and the pseudo decentralized alternatives they`re now peddling to conservatives. We must stay the course.

We have been pro-Republican, pro-Conservative, pro-Christian, pro-Trump and pro-America from day one. And we guarantee that we have absolutely no intention of changing course. We`re in this fight to take back our country by giving conservatives the tools and platforms to let them connect, share ideas and voice opinions in ways the left and big tech never dreamed of. This is why we have worked so hard to create the dWeb, the foundation on which these platforms, tools and alternatives will ultimately be built, the rock-solid foundation that the left and big tech cannot take away.

The dWeb is the only platform that offers true end-to-end decentralization, and with applications like dNames, dPay and dWallet, the only platform that offers a complete ecosystem where both developers and users can thrive. With the upcoming PeerOS, it`s the only platform where you`ll see a complete rethinking of the mobile operating system, and with applications like dSocial and dPress, it`s the only platform that removes the control that big tech and government have over our lives, liberty and freedom. And with a community-elected governance whose members and actions are bound by a ratified, immutable constitution, it`s the only platform that is truly and unequivocally “By The People and For The People.” Don`t be fooled by quick fixes like Brave and protocols like IPFS, as they only represent a sliver of what the dWeb offers and, most importantly, what is needed to finally liberate conservatives from the shackles of big tech.

As we`ve said before, time and time again, we`re proud to be leading the charge, but we can`t do it alone. We need the support of conservatives and patriots like you to help us in the fight against big tech. You can support the fight against big tech at, where you can learn more about the many exciting applications and services being developed for the dWeb. You can learn more about the dWeb by visiting You can learn more about Peeps by visiting With your support, we can win the fight against big tech and take back our country in 2022 and 2024. Let`s Make The Web Great Again for good.

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