Big Tech Isn`t Scared of Centralized Conservative Alternatives Like Parler

Here I go again, after I just warned in my post yesterday that Parler would be censored, once more saying I told you so. If you look at any of my recent whitepapers (, you will see that I have explained, in detail, how this censorship was going to happen. And after Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores yesterday, do you finally believe me now? Do you see how these alternatives are going to work out? Do you understand why the dWeb is a must? Do you understand why our work on a new mobile operating system ( is so important? I`m going to say this one more time: if we`re going to have a place to communicate in 2021, and we want to win elections in 2022 and 2024, then we`re going to have to move beyond the World Wide Web. Let`s face it — our views simply aren`t allowed in their world, but who cares? We have our own world now, and it`s far more powerful than theirs.

You don`t need to call your Congressman or your Senator: legislation isn`t going to fix this. Section 230? What does Section 230 have to do with Apple banning apps? I have laid out these issues in many of my previous posts, but I`m going to lay it out for everyone once again. If you have a website, all they must do is take your domain name or take your servers offline. If you have a mobile application, all they must do is remove your app from their app store. And if you somehow find a way to circumvent either of these tactics, they`ll simply prohibit you from accepting payments. I have literally been shouting about the dWeb for months, and we`re just now starting to gain traction. And while it`s alive and well today, we have many new updates coming over the next few weeks that will change everything. I wanted to use this post to explain where we`re headed and how all of you can get involved, considering that the dWeb will become even more essential in the days ahead.

I. What Is Live Today?

The dWeb`s core peer-to-peer infrastructure is live around the world and expanding by the second, thanks to people like you. The entire web, as defined in the dWeb Specification, is fully functional (see, except for the dWeb`s decentralized domain name system, which is launching over the course of the next few weeks.

II. What Is On The dWeb?

The dWeb is in its infancy but there are a few websites that have been launched. We have launched the dWeb, ARISEN, dSocial and Peeps websites on the dWeb itself. We also plan on launching a few apps over the course of the next few weeks. On January 2nd, I announced our 2021 “Launch Roadmap,” which you can read on our Medium page.

III. How Do I Browse The dWeb?

It`s amazingly easy to begin your dWeb journey. Simply go to where you can download dBrowser. dBrowser is the world`s first dWeb-ready web browser, and works perfectly on MacOS, Windows and Linux. Don`t worry, you can browse the regular web and the dWeb from the same address bar! In fact, you`ll never need another web browser. As an added plus, when you download dBrowser, you help expand the dWeb`s reach around the world and further decentralize the network. Did I mention that Google and Apple will be unable to track you?

As soon as you launch dBrowser, you will see that the dWeb, ARISEN, dSocial and Peeps websites are all default bookmarks and can be easily accessed with a simple click.

IV. How Do I Launch A Website On The dWeb?

If you have a static version (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) of your website, you can easily launch it on the dWeb via dBrowser. Simply create what`s called a “dDrive” from within dBrowser and place your website`s files within the dDrive. You will then be given a dWeb network address (like an IP address) that you can share with others. As others access your website, the more distributed it becomes. For static websites, it`s literally that easy — but that dWeb can be used for anything.

If your website is powered by a Content Management System and is only a website (no shopping cart, etc.), you can easily utilize one of several Wordpress plug-ins designed to export your website to static files, which can then be placed within a dDrive. Since the dWeb is peer-to-peer and server-less, websites that are built using server-side languages and frameworks like Wordpress or PHP will not function properly in their dynamic forms.

For this reason, we`re developing a dWeb-ready Content Management System like Wordpress that will allow web developers to launch dynamic websites and online stores in the same way they do with Wordpress. Although you don`t have to wait on dPress to launch a dWeb-ready website, blog, online store, or even an app. It`s quite simple to build dWeb-based experiences using modern and battle-tested web frameworks like React.JS, which can be used alongside many of the implementations we`ve developed for the dWeb, including ARISEN`s blockchain ( and the dWeb`s many libraries (

If all of this confuses you, don`t worry. Today, I introduced the “dWeb Developer Series” ( (DDS), which will include many powerful tutorials on how you can build different experiences on the dWeb. At the very same time, Peeps Labs is expanding into a digital agency that specializes in the development of dWeb-based experiences of all kinds, and our client list is growing. The idea behind these moves is due in large part to the fact that people have no idea how to develop experiences on the World Wide Web, let alone the dWeb (although as mentioned, they`re remarkably similar), and for the most part, simply hire developers to this for them. We feel the dWeb is no different and are spearheading an effort to help businesses and app developers from around the world make the leap to the dWeb.

If you`re interested in building a custom dWeb experience, of if you`re a digital agency that would like to offer a similar service, please email “”

For developers who want to make their own leap, the following documentation hubs will be immensely helpful in your journey:

-> dWeb/ARISEN Docs — https://developers/

-> dBrowser Docs —

V. Our Efforts At Peeps

Many efforts at Peeps are underway to develop some of the dWeb`s next great project, some of which you can find below:

1. dSocial — decentralized and censorship-resistant social network

You can learn more about dSocial at the following links:

-> dSocial Whitepaper —

-> dSocial Website —

-> Reserve dSocial Username —

2. dSearch — decentralized search engine for the dWeb

You can learn more about dSearch at the following links:

-> dSearch Website —

3. dNames — decentralized domain registrar for the dWeb

You can learn more about dNames at the following links:

-> dNames Website —

-> dDNS Specification —

4. dWallet — decentralized financial management system

You can learn more about dWallet at the following links:

-> Download dWallet —

5. dBrowser — decentralized web browser for the dWeb

You can learn more about dBrowser at the following links:

-> Download dBrowser —

6. PeerOS — decentralized operating system

You can learn more about PeerOS at the following links:

-> PeerOS Website —

VI. Where Do I Go From Here?

Stop investing in developing your business or your presence on a web where your efforts can simply be deleted. Start investing in the development of what I call “hybrid” software, software that can function on any platform or, for that matter, any web. Start developing a decentralized presence so that your business is no longer a contributor to the left`s political investment portfolio. This doesn`t mean that you need to delete your centralized web presence. At Peeps, we still maintain a centralized web presence, but our website is also dWeb-ready. Should the powers that be, decide to take down the Peeps website, it will always be available on the dWeb.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will debut dWeb`s domain name system and the dWeb`s first domain registrar (dNames). Together, these services will make websites and apps on the dWeb much easier to access (dweb:// by utilizing newly available top-level domains like .dcom, .dnet, .d, .dweb and others. In the meantime, you can spearhead the development of the world`s next big platform for freedom and, unlike Parler, you won’t have to worry about having your app or website completely removed from existence. So, what are you waiting on?

Join the conservation at and follow us on Parler @peepsology

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